Rhymes and Rhythms

You say you weren’t able to read to your child every night, or somehow, despite your best intentions, he or she didn’t develop a love for books? No worries, it’s never too late to turn a reluctant reader into a book lover. If your child is still in elementary school, find a story with a subject they enjoy and start a daily reading time tonight, or let them read to you. Hearing your child read aloud allows you to assess their skill level. A child who struggles with reading is less likely to read for fun. If you notice a reading problem, talk with your child’s teacher about school resources and the strategies you can use at home to raise their reading level.     

If you can’t persuade your child to read books for pleasure, try introducing reluctant readers to poetry. Rhythms and rhymes help your child regulate the pace of their reading and learn to appreciate the interplay of words, feelings, and ideas. Since poetry comes in so many forms, you’re sure to find one that your child will embrace.  Click here for forms of poetry:

Once you’ve introduced poetry, encourage your child to create their own. We’d love to read their poetic works. Feel free to share one here in the Comments section.